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CQG Programming and Trading Systems Seminars

Intensive three-day seminars on CQG Programming and Trading Systems.

The world's futures exchanges are quickly becoming electronic.  Trading floors are closing all over the world and being replaced with markets comprising networks and computers.  The advantage is rapidly shifting to those traders who can exploit the electronic markets by leveraging new technologies to beat the competition to the trade.  Are you ready?

Learn the tools of tomorrow’s trader!

During the first day of the seminar, you will learn the CQG programming language in-depth.  By the end of the day, you will be able to:

  • Create conditions defining events of interest
  • Generate real-time alerts based on market conditions that you select
  • Color and place flags on bars on a chart showing signals that you define
  • Scan a portfolio of instruments for those that meet criteria of your choice
  • Create new studies and plot them on a chart
  • Use undocumented functions of the CQG language

Trading systems is the topic of the second day of the seminar.  When this day is over, you will know how to:

  • Program different types of trading systems for backtesting and real-time trading
  • Simulate market, limit, and stop orders in your trading system
  • Use trailing stops and profit targets
  • Scale-in and scale-out of positions
  • Use CQG's exit templates
  • Backtest your system and interpret the results
  • Avoid curve-fitting
  • Properly use in-sample and out-of-sample data
  • Use optimization and 3D graphs for robustness analysis

The third day is a workshop day.  This provides you an opportunity to work on your conditions and trading systems while getting help from Brian Bell.  Periodically throughout the day, Mr. Bell also demonstrates interesting techniques he is working on and explores advanced topics, such as mixing time frames in your system.  Most attendees select this as their favorite day of the seminar.

Authorized and supported by CQG, these seminars are taught by Brian Bell, President of Custom Trading Solutions.  For nearly a decade, Brian was one of the chief architects and designers of CQG for Windows.  As an accomplished technical analyst, trader, and software engineer, many of the features in CQG for Windows are a direct result of his use of the system in his own research and trading. 

As a result of Brian's experience, you can learn how to utilize the full power of CQG Formula Programming, including undocumented tricks and tips.

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