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Custom Trading Solutions’ mission is to help our customers make better trading decisions, resulting in greater, more consistent trading profits.  We do this by supplying innovative tools, ideas, and information that help traders take advantage of new trading opportunities.

Our primary concern is the success of our customers.  We believe the long-term health and profitability of our business is based on their success.  When they succeed, we succeed.

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Available for your use today, charts and discretionary signals based on Custom Trading Solutions' proprietary indicators!

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Futures Trading Systems

See how the Golden Eagle Trading System can help you in your long-term trading! This advanced trading system is based on the amazing indicators of CTS Studies. These indicators along with its rigorous development and testing methods will help you DISCOVER SOARING RETURNS!

CTS Studies

CTS Studies are now compatible with TradeStation 7!

CTS Studies provide an innovative approach to trading that allows the trader to take lower-risk entries, stay with trends longer and preserve profits. Available for CQG and TradeStation users. 

Join us for a free on-line seminar of the CTS Studies.  More information and seminar schedule.

Turning Point Oscillator

Our flagship product, the Turning Point Oscillator, is available to users of SuperCharts 4.0, TradeStation 4.0, TradeStation 2000i, and CQG users!

CQG Programming and Trading Systems Seminars

The world's futures exchanges are quickly becoming electronic.  Trading floors are closing all over the world and being replaced with markets comprising networks and computers.  The advantage is rapidly shifting to those traders who can exploit the electronic markets by leveraging new technologies to beat the competition to the trade.  Are you ready?


Are you a CQG user?  See how CTS can enhance your trading!

Golden Eagle Trading System!



  A fully mechanical system from an expert in the field!

* Designed for robust long-term results

* Long term system - fewer trades means fewer commissions

* Diversified across sixteen different commodities


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