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CycleTools for CQG

Have you ever wanted a way to measure short-term market cycles?  A logical way to determine when these cycles are the dominant feature of the market and the tools to trade them?

  • Measure the dominant cycle period of the market with Instantaneous Frequency Measurement!
  • Determine whether the market is trending or consolidating using the Trendmode Indicator!
  • Use the Cosine Indicator to help time your entries and exits when the market is consolidating, then use the Instantaneous Trendline to stay with the trend when the market is headed somewhere!
  • New and improved versions of Cosine Indicator, Zero-lag Moving Average and Optimal Tracking Filter are now available.  Contact us for an update.

Users of CQG for Windows can now use state-of-the-art cycle analysis indicators, thanks to CycleTools for CQG!

Many of the indicators in CycleTools for CQG are based on the work of John Ehlers, world-famous for his cycles work and the development of MESA softwareBrian Bell has refined and improved these indicators in implementing them for CQG for Windows.  Other indicators in the package are a result of Brian Bell's own research.

For more information, see the components included in CycleTools for CQG, view some screenshots, or read the user manual.

Cosine Indicator, Optimal Tracking Filter and Zero-lag Moving Average are also available separately.  For more information read about CTS Studies.

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