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Turning Point Oscillator™ 

This was our first product and continues to be our best-selling indicator.  First used in swing trading daily equities charts,  many of our clients are tremendously successful using it in their daytrading.  The Turning Point Oscillator™ excels when used as a timing indicator.  It gives signals very near reversals, allowing you to catch these reversals early and with limited and known risk.

The newest version of the Turning Point Oscillator™ has been improved.  It is more robust than ever, and the user can now select which price stream to use for calculations. 

The Turning Point Oscillator™ is modeled after the RCI study used by Japanese traders for years.   Custom Trading Solutions has enhanced this popular study for use in CQG and TradeStation  by developing the X2™ and other signals and adding clear bar marking symbols and conditional coloring.

See what an X2 pattern is - click here!

A note from Brian Bell:

"The Turning Point Oscillator™ is the core of my own trading - I depend on it almost exclusively for timing my entries, while using other indicators, such as the Cosine Indicator™, Linear Regression Channels, and DiNapoli Levels for setup and confirmation.

"The TPO™ is, quite simply, the best timing indicator I know of.  It smoothes very nicely, yet turns very quickly with a minimum of lag when the prevailing trend changes."

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