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Over the past decade, Brian Bell has developed literally thousands of custom studies and conditions. 

We are now proud to introduce CTS Studies, a selection of the very best of these indicators - the ones that have withstood the test of time and are frequently used by Mr. Bell and a few of his close colleagues. 

The CTS Studies are:


Turning Point Oscillator - Our most popular product.  The best timing indicator we've ever seen! Market Tension - Dramatically improve your breakout trades!
TPO Cross Points - Plots the TPO price levels. Optimal Tracking Filter - A sophisticated adaptive moving average based on optimal filtering theory.
Cosine Indicator - Detect short-term cycles in price movement. Zero-lag Moving Average - Ultra low-lag smoothing indicator.
Cyclical Content - Determines the strength and presence of a cycle. Pivot Points - Intraday support and resistant levels.
Bell Warning Line - Preserve your profits.  Stay in trends longer and get out faster!

Some of these studies have been available separately before, such as the Turning Point Oscillator and CTS Pivot Points, or have only been available as part of CycleTools for CQG.  The rest are new indicators developed by Brian Bell and are available for the first time as part of CTS Studies.

Each of the studies is available on an annually-renewable license basis.  In response to several requests from our customers, there is also a lifetime license option.  For pricing and order information click on your platform. TradeStation or CQG. For current users of Turning Point Oscillator, CycleTools and CTS Pivot Points please see our upgrade notification.

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All of our indicators include:


A comprehensive user manual


Free support for the duration of the license (see our Customer Satisfaction Policy)


Free updates and upgrades for the duration of the license

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